White voices: Things only matter if said by whites and approved by whites

Whites, across all sociopolitical stances, have one thing in common: They are celebrated for bare minimum as it pertains to racial dialogue and racial justice.

This has been the case for centuries and for most whites.

This manifests on social media and on platforms such as Medium.

Blacks speak about issues daily.

Most of Our voices are ignored or punished by outraged whites invested in ruining Our lives.

The moment whites speaks up, the room gets silent.

People come to congratulate and celebrate whites.

Thousands of connections are initiated with whites.

Whites become “diversity experts” and get paid loads of money to conduct presentations and trainings — often based on information that can be found in an Intro to SOC textbook.

We see this everywhere and Blacks are expected to go along for the ride.

Blacks are told to support white voices with the promise that Our voices will get a stage because whites will bring attention to Our voices.

Essentially, whites giving Blacks permission.

Despite thousands of years of knowledge, intelligence, literature, arts, sciences, writings, and research on continent of Africa and around the world — -Blacks are expected to take backseat to whites.

And wait for whites to give us a head nod before we speak.

This process is everywhere.

Including in George Floyd protests.

Whites marching in George Floyd protests supposedly means “THIS is an important topic and NOT just angry, violent Blacks hating whites.”

Whites marching in predominantly white George Floyd protests — in which some whites vandalize and do other harmful things that would receive prompt and harsh punishment if done by Blacks and caught on news cameras — means “THIS is an important topic and NOT just angry, violent Blacks hating whites.”

I always roll my eyes when random whites offer unrequested advice to Blacks about what to read or what to do to address racism.

Years ago, I was at a bookstore and a random elderly white man pointed at a stack of The Help books and proudly told me “that’s a good book, you should read it!”

I gave this elderly white man an Unimpressed Facial Expression and said “nah, I’m good.”

Because, certainly, I, a Black woman, need random whites to tell me what to read.

My areas of expertise and specializations aside, the fact that a white man sees me, a Black woman, and thinks to recommend The Help — that is profound.

The Help is an illustration of White Savior Syndrome — a white woman arrives to write about Black women and make Black women valid.

That is why people pretend societal and organizational changes to laws, policies, and behaviors are impossible UNLESS we waste time on “implicit bias training” and “diversity training.”

Those trainings pretend whites need their brains rewired, whites need their opinions and beliefs changed, and whites constantly need an elementary school-level explanation of everything.

That is why whites are celebrated for attending George Floyd protests and declaring “yesssss, after centuries of harm to Blacks, we shall finally remove confederate statues and look at problems with police department funding and training!!! Yessss, Blacks have complained and explained this for CENTURIES but whites are finally waking up!!”

Unfortunately, some Blacks are falling for this White Rhetoric and believe these changes are really happening without hidden catches and centuries-old tactics whites have used to misguide and lie to Blacks.

As I have explained in presentations I have conducted since George Floyd was murdered, Blacks need to stop accepting white word-of-mouth promises.

Blacks need to hold whites accountable for changes to laws, policies and procedures, and requiring police departments to have annual audits and annual evaluations of training, policies and procedures, arrests, and demographics represented in all aspects of police departments.

These audits and evaluations should not be done by committees and researchers selected by city government or federal government.

These audits and evaluations should be done by Black communities, Black researchers, and Black-led organizations.

Some of you are thinking “allowing only Blacks to do these inserts bias” and some of you are even thinking “Blacks are not smart enough, educated enough, and trained in research.”

You are thinking that because of centuries of falsehood that whites invented education and research; and falsehood that whites are racial impartial, racial objective and racial neutral forms of knowledge and facts.

That is why most police departments, medical-health facilities, school accreditation agencies, governments, and other platforms will continue to struggle and fail as it pertains to racial and ethnic inclusion and equity.

All while pretending “we value diversity” and “we reach everyone.”

Just as I do not celebrate white voice being used to validate George Floyd and centuries of Black verbal and nonverbal protests, I do not celebrate predominantly white social media platforms and predominantly white organizations issuing statements of support.

I am not interested in White Rhetoric.

I am not convinced by White Rhetoric.

Show Blacks the measurable and lasting outcomes that can be researched, assessed, and updated annually.

Anything less than that is the same thing that has happened for centuries — things only matter if voiced by whites and approved by whites.

Results-based trainings, workshops, evaluations, and assessments for local, national, and international K-12 schools, colleges, businesses, and organizations.