Stop using DEI/D&I and anti-racism as a money making scheme

As I have explained for 10 years, and called out while sitting in meaningless committees and meaningless trainings for organizations, most of the power majority are only checking things off the list of “to do” when they have committees, offices, and trainings.

This pertains to nearly all K-12 schools, colleges-universities, business, and organizations. This is why disparities and injustices are in every aspect of school systems, law-police-court-penal system, medical-health system, workforce-employment system, and family-community system.

In order for this to stop, we need to stop allowing inclusion, equity, and justice to be catchwords and money making schemes. Too many people have become “experts” on these issues now that these issues have become popular among power majority decision makers; and people can quickly access something on the Internet and claim expertise, often without properly citing the original ideas.

In the following YouTube video are my thoughts about as I lounge in the car seat in the parking lot watching seagulls fly around I demand far beyond bare minimum and do not tolerate ignorance as it pertains to inclusion, equity, and justice.

Please watch/hear/read (with closed captioning) and share the video.