STOP telling Blacks to be receptive to whites

Okay, apparently, this must be repeated over and over and over….

Blacks have been told to be receptive to whites for 401 years.

Even while we were enslaved, controlled, raped, and murdered by whites.

The moment whites smiled at Blacks, we were told to consider the good intentions of whites.

We were told to accept white explanations.

We were told to accept white apologies.

We were told to accept white discomfort.

We were told to explain to whites and to teach whites.

This is centuries of the method to stay alive as Blacks.

This is centuries of the method to essentially BEG whites for everything.

This is still happening 2020 and beyond.

Now the excuse is “we need ‘allies’” and “fussing at whites will remove whites”

Well, guess what?!

Blacks have every right to want spaces in which whites are neither a requirement nor a central focus.

Whites who cannot handle feeling unnecessary and unwelcome by Blacks are NOT advocates and supporters for Blacks.

The fact that I constantly have to explain this — for years — is why I do not believe in a such thing as power majority being “allies.”

I do not use the word “ally” for power majority.

Specifically, as it pertains to racial injustices, I do not believe whites can be “allies.”

If that offends you, ask yourself WHY you are offended.

WHY do you want to be considered an “ally.”

WHAT have you consistently done, on a daily basis, to risk yourself beyond social media posts and beyond marching in protest every few years; and to put yourself at-risk in a way that is the least bit comparable to the way Blacks are at-risk in various platforms.

Even the most well-intended and well-meaning whites quickly feel uncomfortable, quickly feel unwanted, and are quickly deterred by threat to their families and careers when their White Activism receives threats from other whites.

As I explain to these well-intended and well-meaning whites, if THEY break a sweat when other whites threaten them, imagine how WE, as Blacks, feel to have whites (white liberals and white conservatives, white Democrats and white Republicans) stalking us and ruining every aspect of our existence when we do not comply with white privilege, white dominance, and white supremacy.

So, STOP telling Blacks to be receptive to whites.

STOP telling Blacks to be explanatory and teachers to whites.

Never use a Black-owned and Black-led platform to lecture to Blacks about accepting people who’ve ignored us and harmed us.

Whites are 100% accountable for white privilege, white dominance, and white supremacy.

Native-Indigenous, non-white Hispanics, and Asian diaspora are 100% accountable for not consistently caring about all forms of harm to Blacks; and not consistently (beyond relative few advocates here and there) being ACTIVE to combat harm to Blacks.

It is harmful to Black mental health, Black physical health, Black life circumstances, and Black opportunities to constantly have the finger pointed at us to accept everyone else.

Without everyone else being required to provide measurable and consistent proof of ACTION beyond wearing “ally” buttons, beyond posting on social media, and beyond marching in occasional protests.

I will continue to be unapologetically challenging and dismantling to all of this rhetoric and jargon forced on Blacks for 401 years.

When Blacks protest using Our voices and Our money (boycotts), STOP telling us to give whites, and Brown people who never support Blacks, another chance.

Inclusion, equity, and justice are IMPOSSIBLE if Blacks are expected to be unchallenging to whites and beg for “allies”.


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