How to reproduce…or NOT!

My response to

This is multifaceted:

Freedom means choices and having access to resources to make choices.

Freedom also means having knowledge to tear apart thousands of years of cultures, norms, and laws that make people unconscious of choices; and unconscious of their true ability to utilize available resources.

Freedom also means the ability to say “NO”. That includes saying “NO” when other people think they know what’s best for you.

Unfortunately, that also includes making mistakes and bad life decisions. Freedom comes with pros and cons.

Then the question becomes: Are humans supposed to be perfect and strong throughout different life decisions and life choices with good and bad outcomes? Are we, ourselves, perfect and never in need of being helped when our life choices fail miserably?

These are things for us to consider and remember for ourselves and for the billions of other people in the world. It is easy to say “you did it, your life sucks, don’t ask for help”. But there are thousands of years of cultures and ideologies that influence people’s thoughts and behaviors. And we have to remember that having a safety net has always been a component of freedom and liberation. All humans need safety nets in order to be free and healthy.

Yes, I believe the world is overpopulated and most people should NOT have children because they are only having children because they are fertile. No forethought. No planning. No preparation. Just BOOM.

Yes, there are millions of abandoned and mistreated children who already exist. Most people have biological children instead of adopting an existing child. That is for reasons including the belief that an adopted child isn’t really YOUR child and, therefore, you aren’t really a parent and, therefore, you aren’t really a grown adult — real woman and real man.

Yes, most societies and cultures define womanhood as motherhood. This also happens for manhood but to a lesser extent. Girls and women only exist to be nurturers and mothers. That is why God created us and also why we have our hormones and bodies are as they are. Boys and men need to have children but the world only needs their sperm and money. Boys and men can come and go as they please. No need to be forever present.

Here’s some of the reasons I believe what I believe:

I, myself, am permanently childfree-by-choice. I conducted the first known study solely of childfree women and men of the African diaspora. I also created and teach the first known college course about the childfree. My study and course are featured on,, and I am a panelist and moderator for upcoming NotMom Summit.

I am also staunch abortion pro-choice (I strongly support access to abortion) and staunch supporter of Planned Parenthood. I know the complex history and current dynamics of abortion and Planned Parenthood. I know how Margaret Sanger (and a fellow sociologist who I admire tremendously, WEB DuBois) were often in support of antinatalism and eugenics particularly for poor racial and ethnic minorities and poor whites.

Although I am a staunch Black feminist. I have to combat most components of Black feminism because it is still rooted in pronatalism, patriarchy, and male dominance. It is based on the notion that women are nurturers and mothers. Instead, my Black feminism is based on gender equity and women being able to identify and live however we choose. I am NOT a nurturer nor am I a mother — to anyone or anything. My politeness, love, and empathy are components of my personality that cannot be narrowly categorized within my gender identity.

Thank you for reading and considering this perspective.

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