Reminders for those of you claiming to #SupportBlackWomen and #BelieveBlackWomen: (1) “Let’s have honest dialogue” means “don’t offend white people,” (2) School officials and school decision makers are to blame for white supremacists being spokespersons for school districts and schools, (3) The social scientific meaning of “generalization” and why Dr…

Medium piece about LinkedIn:

For starters, most of the “Black LinkedIn is thriving”/ “Stars of Black LinkedIn” were not speaking out about white dominance and white supremacy until AFTER George Floyd, AFTER white people became more supportive of BLM protests, and AFTER white people started supporting anti-racism statements and anti-racism training.


Around the…

365 Diversity

Results-based trainings, workshops, evaluations, and assessments for local, national, and international K-12 schools, colleges, businesses, and organizations.

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